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We take pleasure introducing ourselves as PAVNA HUTSS, an Agro Tourism Centre a weekend destination or picnic spot near Pune & Mumbai.

Introduction :

Pavna hutss is an agro tourism project based on 8.5acres situated at Bedse gaon Pavnanagar road Kamshet, just 2.5km away from express highway and 8.5 km away from Mumbai Pune highway taking a left turn at Kamshet while coming from Pune and right turn from Kamshet while coming from Mumbai.

Aim :

Now to the urban population staying in the concrete jungle that is always under tremendous stress and pressure, we aim to create space for people to relax and rejuvenate in lush green fields surrounded and blessed with the range of Sahyadri Mountains. In short Picnic with knowledge & information.

Objective :

At Pavna hutss our objective is to create a positive attitude towards modern agriculture, we are specialized in organic farming and in a process of building a model to surrounding traditional farmers to make them understand importance of modern self sustaining farming where in use of organic & bio fertilizers, vermi culture, bio gas plant, re use of water percolation & storage from field is the main features.

Who can visit Pavna hutss :

  1. School Picnic / field visit.
  2. Friends & Family picnic .
  3. Functions / get-together / birthday / anniversary etc.
  4. Corporate picnic / workshops / seminar etc.

Activities at Pavna Huts :

  1. Physical games (Cricket,badminton, volley ball , carom , playing cards , chess, ring etc)
  2. Play area for kids (swing / slide /rope climbing etc.)
  3. Swimming / Water valley ball  / Boating / Kayak
  4. Traditional Group games : kho kho / lingorcha / Tug of war etc
  5. Para glyding, Hot Air Bulloon, Kite flying ( at extra charges)
  6. Treasure hunt
  7. Farm visit ( vegetable plantation , sugarcane fields , rice paddy fields , wheat / jowar & fruit plantations.)
  8. Visit to vermi culture / biogas plant etc
  9. Animal feeding to (rabbits/cow/buffalo/calf/ ducks/rabbits/pigeons/fish/crab etc.)
  10. Butterfly / bird watching.

Additional Activities :

  1. Short trek to ancient Bedse caves – 2km.
  2. Visiting the historical Chatrapati Shivaji forts in the surrounding ( Lohagad, Tunga, Tikona Visapur) -6 to 15 kms.
  3. Visit to Pavna Dam / Power Boat ride. – 6 km.
  4. Nearest temple to visit : Prati pandharpur , Hadshi Satya sai temple, Prati shirdi , Gurudwara. (6 – 20kms)

3 Responses to Resorts/Picnic Spots near/around Pune/Mumbai/Lonavala | 1/One Day Picnic Spots/Points Mumbai/Lonavala | Weekend Getaways Mumbai/Lonavala/Pune

  1. Nita Hassani says:

    I am a Middle School ( Grade 6 to 8 ) geography teacher with an International School in Mumbai. I recently took my students for a field trip to Pavna Huts and words are not enough to express my gratitude to Mr. Prasadh Yelakar. The Farm is beautiful and is Mr. Yelakar’s love and passion for the place is abundantly evident.
    Everything that I hoped for was achieved through this field trip. He spent the entire day showing the students the rice fields, sugarcane plantations and various trees for growing fruits and vegetables. It was a wonderful learning experience for the students to find about vermiculture, crop rotation, growing different kinds of flowers to keep pests away, climatic conditions needed to grow different crops, all through field work. Later the delicious farm cooked food and games organized by Mr. Yelakar was a perfect end to such a beautiful day.
    As a teacher it gives me immense satisfaction to see my students having fun while learning. They repeatedly told me that this was absolutely the best fieldtrip they had ever been for and would like to go for such fieldtrips every week.
    The one person responsible for such a reaction from the children is Mr. Prasadh Yelakar. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!
    Warm Regards,
    Nita Hassani

  2. Rajesh Argade says:

    I visited this great picnic spot by seeing such great reviews on this site and believe me its a good 1 day picnic spot to chill out in nature and lot of activities to enjoy.
    I so envied the lifestyle Mr Yelakar is living :)….
    Thanks to his daughters Shravani and Shalmali who made the kids in our family so comfortable. My nephew still remembers her name by seeing the photos we took with them :)
    his farm is great …the small water pool with the Kayak and paddle boat is great for couple of hours to njoy. We have nearby bedse caves and PAvana dam for more fun..!!
    Overall a great place to visit for families and kids to njoy the serene beauty in Pavana nagar, kamshet.

  3. ashish karapurkar says:

    We visited Yelakars on 26th January. It was a wonderful getaway from our hectic stressed lifestyle. Yet we felt so homely and the hospitality is just out of the world.
    The place had everything we and kids wanted .nature serenity., fun , play and moreover smiling faces serving us the healthiest delicious food
    Thank you Prasad & family for the lovely day and so much so we gonna see u all soon .